President's Message

Medical imaging plays a pivotal role in the modern healthcare system providing invaluable support to fellow clinicians by solving complex diagnostic problems and providing solutions in patient management. A high standards of clinical Radiology practice is of paramount importance in ensuring early diagnosis, effective and timely intervention in patient management with minimum radiation hazard to the patient.

The SLCR is the premier professional body responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the clinical radiology services in Sri Lanka. In 1985 a small group of enthusiastic and far thinking radiologists established the SLCR and held its inaugural academic sessions in 2002 with the participation of a membership of about fifty radiologists.

I greatly appreciate the immense pioneering effort of our predecessors for establishing the SLCR and opening the way to conduct regular annual academic sessions. Their vision of better future for the specialty of radiology in Sri Lanka has become a reality now as evident by thirteen highly successful annual academic sessions held with the growth of the membership up to 180 over last two decades.

As the president of SLCR, I wish to reiterate the responsibility and commitment of the SLCR to look into the deficiencies in the specialty of radiology in Sri Lanka with the view of finding short term, medium term and long term solutions, with the help of other stakeholders of the healthcare system of Sri Lanka.  Read More...


  • Workshop on Neck Sonography, held in Colombo on 1st of February 2015.Read More...
    • College Dinner, on December 2014, at Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo.Read More...

News and Events

    Venue: Hotel Galadari, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.
    Date: On 28th - 30th August 2015Read More

  • Young Radiologist forum.
    Date : 28/03/2015 and 29/03/2015Read More

    • CME workshop for Anesthesiologists.
      Date : 28/03/2015Read More

    • Neuro imaging of Brain Workshop 1.
      Date : 03/04/2015Read More

    • Young Radiologist forum.
      Date : 30/05/2015 and 31/05/2015Read More

    • Hepatobiliary & GIT imaging - Workshop 3.
      Date : 02/06/2015Read More

    • Young Radiologist forum.
      Date : 20/06/2015 and 21/06/2015Read More

    • Young Radiologist forum.
      Date : 08/08/2015 and 09/08/2015Read More

    • Young Radiologist forum.
      Date : 26/09/2015 and 27/09/2015Read More

    • Young Radiologist forum.
      Date : 24/10/2015 and 25/10/2015Read More