Workshops on Lung and Cardiac Imaging

Date:11th and 12th August 2018, Venue: Neuro-trauma Auditorium ,NHSL.

6th Annual conference of Breast Imaging society of India

Date:16th - 18th November 2018, Venue: Held in Patna,India.

MRI Breast Course with MRI Guided Biopsy Workshop

Date:15th - 16th December 2018, Venue: Holiday Inn, Orchard, Singapore

19th Congress of the ASEAN Association of Radiology

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                    Members, specially those serving in the periphery, have brought in a vast amount of strength to our college in silence over the years, making it one of the strongest academic bodies in the medical field. I would definitely be successful in my endeavor if I can make those silent ideas heard and matter more. I firmly believe, the College must take the initiative to help its members to see beyond the scope of general radiology and be armed with the knowledge of a subspecialty of their choice, which is the current international norm. Having an interest in a subspecialty is a must for any radiologist where ever they practice and it should not be a privilege limited for a few...