Award of Dr. S N B Talwatte and Dr. A W Atukorale Memorial Medals

The family members of Dr. S N B Talwatte and Dr. AW Atukorale have conveyed their wish to award memorial medals for the best candidate who is successful at the MD Radiology Part I / Part II Examinations.

Therefore the Council of the SLCR has agreed to offer the Medals as follows: 

Dr. S N B Talwatte Memorial Medal for the MD Radiology Part 11 examination 

Dr.A W Atukorale Memorial Medal for the MD Radiology Part 1 examination. 

The Council has decided on the following criteria by a candidate for the eligibility of the award. 

MD Radiology Part 11 candidate: 

  1. should have obtained a final aggregate of marks not less thanT0o/o at the examination held in December the previous year. 
  2. should have been successful at the first attempt of the examination. 
  3. should have presented a minimum of one scientific paper on Radiolo gy at a Local or International Academic Conference during the 3years of training for the MD Radiology examination 

MD Radiology Part I candidate:

  1. should have obtained a final aggregate of marks not less than650/o at the examination held in December the previous year.
  2. should have been successful at the first attempt of the examination. 

In Addition 

  • The candidate shall be a post graduate trainee who followed the in service radiology training under the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka  
  • Shall not have been  found guilty in Court of Law in Sri Lanka or overseas

The eligible candidate/s for the medal/s will be interviewed by a panel appointed by the Council of the SLCR, which will include the Chairperson of the Board of Study in Radiology, The Course Coordinator, and Supervisor of the candidate/s. 

Such candidate’s performance will be assessed by the panel with regard to: 

Attendance, punctuality, practical experience gained, professional attitude and behaviour, relationship with other members of the staff and the patients during the training period.

At the Inauguration Ceremony of the Annual Academic Sessions the memorial medal/s will be awardedif there is an eligible candidate for that particular year. If not medals will not be awarded. 


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