Given below is the summarized version of National CPD Certificate for easy understanding. SLCR expects you to maintain this document as per instruction given below to improve the standards of training programme and profession. Academic sessions , workshops local meetings journal clubs ,non routine teaching web based case presentations, postal updates and many more activities done day today are counted.



  • Download SVGPerfect for when you want to use just one icon as a vector on the desktop or in your own icon workflow.A common practice among many professional groups world over.

  • SLMA has taken initiative of introduce NCPDC – National Continuing Professional Development Certificate to Sri Lankan doctors to maintain highest professional standards among doctors.

  • Information and Guidance book is available at SLMA at It is not compulsory though highly desirable in today’s context as it reflects good professional practice.

  • Possessing a valid CPD certificate issued at a national level have obvious advantages esp. for PG trainees as a log to produce in Pre Board Certification Portfolio assessment ( PBCA) and for those seeking foreign jobs.

  • Who awards the CPD? – National Center for CPD in Medicine functioning under SLMA, awards the certificate.

  • NCCPDIM is run by central CPD committee which comprises representatives from all recognized professional bodies in Sri Lanka.

How do I get the NCPDC?


  • Read the Information and Guidance book is available at SLMA carefully.

  • Apply for registration through registering body.

  • Engage in CPD activities worth 50 credit points in one year.

  • Submit your portfolio to registering body.

Routes to obtains NCPDC


  • Specialist route for specialists via respective professional bodies.

  • Non specialists affiliated to professional bodies may also use specialist route if they wish.



  • Apply in writing to the registering body , eg for Radiologists College of Radiologists ,Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 7.

  • Indicate your core area e.g.Radiology.

  • Follow the guide lines as given in the booklet.

Crédite Point Schème


  • Already prepared and published Please refer “ Guide lines to scoring credit points on different activities “

  • Needs to obtain 50 credit points in one year to obtain NCPDC.

Record keeping


  • You should keep your own record of your CPD activities.

  • According to the “Guide lines to scoring credit points on different activities “ decide to which of the 5 categories any CPD activity belongs to and allocate correct amount of points yourself.

  • Use A4 size photocopies of sample format to record all activities indicating outcome category number at the top.

  • Make your portfolio by binding such A4 copies when you finish collecting minimum of 50 points.

  • Portfolio – Submit your portfolio to the relevant registering body in order to obtain NCPDC – College of Radiologist Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 7.

  • Refer booklet with guide lines for more details before engaging in the activity.

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OUTCOME NO-1 Designated activities-
Academic sessions/regional meetings

Non-Designated activities-
Local meetings/non routine teaching.

Resources person-5  hr ,3 /half hr Participants-3  /hr 2 points/ half hr

Resources person-4  hr ,2 /half hr Participants-2 /hr 1 points/ half hr

Maximum points-20
OUTCOME NO-4 Research and publications Recognized Journal -10 /item Local journal-5/ item Nonprofessional publication – 3/ item Maximum points-20
OUTCOME NO-5 Web based /postal/ newsletter- 2/item Audit- 5/item Maximum points-30

Please refer National CPD Certificate for points acquisition under OUTCOME NO 2 & 3.

Refer SLMA link for further details of National CPD Certificate.


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