Dr. Prasad De silva (2018 – 2019)

Dr. Prasad De Silva
The President
Sri Lanka College of Radiologists

It is with great humility that I commence my tenure as the President of the Sri Lanka College of Radiologists for the term 2018/19.

The College, as we know belongs to the members and therefore it nurtures upon wishes of the membership.

Members, specially those serving in the periphery, have brought in a vast amount of strength to our college in silence over the years, making it one of the strongest academic bodies in the medical field. I would definitely be successful in my endeavor if I can make those silent ideas heard and matter more.

I firmly believe, the College must take the initiative to help its members to see beyond the scope of general radiology and be armed with the knowledge of a subspecialty of their choice, which is the current international norm. Having an interest in a subspecialty is a must for any radiologist where ever they practice and it should not be a privilege limited for a few.

Members should be encouraged in radiology research and audits in addition to day to day imaging and report writing. Todays research will become tomorrow’s practice and audit will shape our evidence based practice.

Technical innovations and information technology specially PACS has revolutionized radiology and elevated the radiologist to the highest position in the multidisciplinary team providing patient care.

We as the council of Sri Lanka College of Radiologists will be dedicated to organize academic events during the year to achieve above goals for the benefit our members and members to be. We hope you would continue to be with us, helping and guiding us for the betterment of radiology in our country.

Thank you
The President- Sri Lanka College of Radiologists
Dr. Prasad De Silva


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